What is All Risk Insurance and Total Lost Only?

This is the explanation Using insurance is one of the best ways to protect cars from unwanted events. But it turns out it’s not just an insurance brand that is widely circulated, but the types are various. “To choose insurance, the most important thing to pay attention to is ease when submitting an application or claim. So that the public is not reluctant to insure if the facilities continue to be developed by insurance companies,” said Julian Noor, Adira Insurance’s Chief Executive Officer in a written statement (15 / 1). On the market, the most offered insurance companies in covering cars is the type of Total Lost Only or abbreviated as TLO and all risk insurance. So what’s the difference? Well, if you quote the press release sent by Adira Insurance to the editor of OtoDriver, the following is an explanation of the differences in TLO insurance and all risk. All risk insurance: This type of insurance guarantees compensation or repair costs for partial or total loss or damage to your car. Usually this type of insurance covers events that are directly caused by collisions, collisions, reversed, slipped, mired, bad deeds, theft, fire, or other traffic accidents. TLO Insurance: While insurance Total Loss Only aka TLO provides compensation for loss or total damage to your car directly. The thing that makes you get compensation from TLO insurance is the fire car, the car has an accident such as a car collision, collision, upside down, slipping, mired, bad deeds, theft, or other traffic accidents. But usually insurance companies limit the amount of the vehicle to a maximum of 15 years.

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