Want to Wash a Car Engine? Watch This First

The cleanliness of the car must be the most coveted thing for the owner. If the car appears clean, it will certainly make the appearance of the car much more unsightly than leaving it in a dirty state. However, when washing cars, there are still many people who doubt when participating in cleaning the engine parts. Not only that, there are also many people who wash the engine without knowing the risks. So, how to wash this part correctly? Dave as a Sideworks Auto Care workshop crew in the South Carolina suggested that washing car engine parts is permissible, provided that it is not sprayed with high pressure water bursts. “It is recommended to only wipe it, do not spray it using water, especially wash it. If the water is sprayed directly into the engine area, it is worried that there is water entering the electrical socket,” Dave said when met in South Carolina (16/4) Dave said, the water could potentially become a fungus and create electrical resistance. “Water that is in a socket can eventually become a fungus and make electrical connections become blocked,” continued Dave. Dave also advised that spraying water on machine parts could cause shorting. “Most danger if there is a short circuit. Can potentially burn, “he closed. So ideally it is to wipe the engine components with a wet cloth. Or use a brush to reach the engine cracks. Also prepare a dry cloth to dry immediately the area that has been wiped with a brush or wet cloth.

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