Want to buy a new car? Check out these 6 things

Give some tips that must be considered before buying a car.

1. Make Sure the Type of Car You Need The first important thing to do is to choose the car model you need. The type and model of the car you choose must be what really suits your needs. Suppose a car that is suitable for families, then a car with a spacious cabin is the best choice. If you want to have an agile car to maneuver in the city, then a mini or city car is very fuel efficient to support your daily activities. What’s more, if you are a hobbyist who likes to challenge your adrenaline in the off-road lane, you can choose a powerful pick-up truck to conquer the terrain wherever you are.

2. Determine the Budget Buying a car according to financial capacity is another important thing. If you want to sell a car before, then look for the best vehicle to get the maximum new vehicle capital. Therefore, before determining the type of car, first determine what budget you have and the target budget of your new vehicle.

3. Buy Cash or Credit Car purchases in cash are always the optimal choice because usually vehicles have depreciation (price depreciation) per year, while loans have interest costs. -Buy in cash or cash. Before paying the booking fee, it’s a good idea to negotiate with the sales or marketing service, so you can use attractive promos or discounts. Don’t hesitate to ask for a promo or discount, because basically this is a right that must be given to consumers. If the desired car is available (ready stock), you can immediately pay the entire price of the car at an authorized dealer. -If you really have to take credit, make sure you have an initial fund of at least 25% -30% of the price of the car. Installment of a car loan also limits only 30% of the monthly salary.

4. Perform a Test Drive Cars are consumer goods that will be used in the long run. That is why, try to do a test-drive so that you really get information and impressions and a thorough experience before determining the choice of car. If you have a family, also invite your spouse and child to share their opinions.

5. Visit Some Car Dealers and Exhibitions Each dealer has a different discount mechanism. After determining the car to be purchased, ask for the best additional bonuses from the dealer such as free car accessories, free window film, and others.

6. Pay Attention to Vehicle Maintenance

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