This Is The Way To Prevent White Car From “Yellow-ing” Early

A car with well-maintained exterior paint and a color that does not fade is certainly a coveted thing for every car owner. Not only will it be more unsightly, but the selling value will also be more friendly. White, which is widely regarded as a neutral color, is also a favorite for many people who apparently keep stains that will be easier to see than other colors. In addition, white cars are more sensitive in maintenance and can turn yellow after being used for a long time. Yellowing the color of a white car usually results from the habit of washing the car done under the direct sun, or when the body condition of the car is still hot. “White is a color that is sensitive to changes in temperature, so it needs extra attention so that the clear coat or varnish is not easily oxidized and moldy,” said Sam Rich, owner of Detail N Co., a detailing workshop located in Los Angeles, California. Sam also explained, washing the car when the body condition is still hot, making the remaining water on the surface of the body dry out faster. As a result arises a water spot on the body of the car that damages the aesthetic appearance. So how to remove yellowish stains in white cars? “It is best to polish the detailing booth. “If you want to do it yourself at home, use a paste that is not too strong, so that the varnish layer is not crushed too deeply,” suggested Sam

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