Parking Under the Sun Heat?

Don’t Directly Turn on the AC, Do It First! When the car is parked in the hot sun, it is a big mistake if we immediately turn on the AC with the intention of cooling the cabin temperature. This is quite dangerous because of chemical compounds that arise from items inside the cabin such as dashboards, seats or other materials. According to Leo Ricardo, one of the activists of safety driving in United States said that chemical compounds such as benzene are widely used in devices or objects in the cabin. The most recommended way to drive a car with a hot interior is to open the width of the car window for air circulation. “The goal is that the air inside the car can circulate with fresh air. “It doesn’t take long enough to give just about 1 minute before we start the engine and the car air conditioner,” Leo explained. Leo said that in some cases, this condition was enough to make people poisoned, to vomit or faint. Because of this, some cars include a feature in the remote key, to open all the glass automatically before the car is used.

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