Kitchen Salt Is A Powerful Anti Fungus For Fabric Material Car Seats

The superiority of fabric or fabric upholstery is that it doesn’t feel hot when it is occupied and feels softer because most of them use material that is able to adjust to the curve of the body when occupied. Unfortunately, especially in light-colored materials often found stains that disturb the view. This material is also relatively more difficult to clean, one because it has more absorbency compared to leather or semiculite. “It’s more difficult to clean, but with a simple trick, it is quite effective to lift the dirt that sticks to the material,” explained Andik Prasetyo from DnA Auto Detailing, Bintaro, South Jakarta. The material used is not necessarily branded and can even use materials found at home. “We use liquid detergent to wash clothes. Then mixed with salt and water, “said Andik. Andik further explained that kitchen salt is an ingredient that has an anti-fungal effect for fabric material. “With the presence of this kitchen salt, the next treatment is easier,” he added. Following are the steps to clean up the fabric 1. Clean the surface of the seat to be cleaned, make sure there are no debris, such as food crumbs left behind. 2. Prepare cleaning agents consisting of a mixture of water, liquid detergent and salt. Composition 1 tablespoon of salt, 1 tablespoon of detergent and enough water. Make foam / foam with the mixture 3. Rub the foam with a sponge on the dirty part. Can use an old toothbrush if you find stubborn stains 4. Dry with tissue. Don’t use cloth or anything else in this process. Tissue was chosen because it was certain that the condition was clean and free of fungi. 5. To be sure to dry, use a blow dryer on the newly cleaned part.

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