Frameless VS Conventional Wipers

When driving in rainy weather like we often feel lately, we have to keep keeping the driver’s vision clear and clear. Therefore, car parts such as a wiper blade to clean the glass surface, are needed both on the windshield and rear glass. However, it turns out that at present in addition to the type with the frame, there are quite a number of outstanding aftermarket wiper blades that offer a frame without frame (frameless). To give enlightenment to you, what are the advantages and disadvantages of frameless wiper blades when compared to conventional types? Here’s the difference


1. The frameless wiper has a more attractive model compared to conventional wipers that use ‘bones’. This also causes modern generation cars to use this type of wiper.

2. Frameless wipers are made using flexible and soft rubber material. Even so, in fact the rubber is very strong to clean the water in the windshield. Because it is made with soft material, this model wiper blade is very safe and because there are no hard iron rods, it is claimed that it will not scratch the glass when the rubber starts to thin out.

3. Because it doesn’t use a buffer or frame iron, the frameless wiper won’t rust. Rust on the wiper frame, besides damaging the appearance, is also feared to cause stains on the glass.


1. More modern products do not mean they are present without flaws. Frameless wipers made without an iron frame are considered no better than conventional wipers for sweeping water, Over time, only the middle part is strong pressing the glass. Unlike a wiper blade with a frame, which puts the rubber pressure on the glass more evenly.

2. The duration of using the wiper framless is mentioned faster than conventional wipers. If it is often used, the rubber will loosen, which affects the ability to clean the water, the result of which is worse because it is not supported by an iron frame that can suppress the rubber.

3. Although it looks more attractive, it turns out to buy a frameless wiper model You have to spend more money. If a conventional wiper model has a price range of 2.5 – 9.5 USD depending on the brand. Then the frameless wiper model is almost double the price, ranging from 11 – 25 USD depending on the brand. “The use of wipers now depends on taste. Usually sports cars or luxury cars, owners prefer frameless wipers because of their appearance. For car users like Prius or Jeep, they prefer conventional models,” said David, Sons Partner’s workshop in the region. California

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