FIRST DRIVE: Porsche Cayenne 2018

The latest generation Porsche Cayenne still comes in three variants namely the standard Cayenne as the lowest variant with a 3000 cc turbo V6 engine that produces 340 hp and maximum torque of 550 Nm, up 40 dk and 50 Nm compared to the previous version with a naturally aspirated 3,600 cc V6 engine. The second variant of the Porsche Cayenne S with the 2,900cc V6 twin-turbo engine is 440 hp and 550 Nm of torque, which means it is up 20 times compared to the previous generation of 3,600 cc V6 twin-turbo engines but the torque remains the same. The third variant is the Porsche Cayenne Turbo with a 4,000 cc V8 twin-turbo engine that powers 550 hp and 770 Nm of torque. This has a 30 hp increase and torque of up to 20 Nm compared to the previous generation Cayenne Turbo which has a 4,800 cc V8 twin-turbo engine. When using the Sport Plus driving mode, the power has been felt from the bottom rotation plus the sporty sound of the exhaust roar blaring up to 6,600 rpm. Occasionally there is the sound of small explosions when we lift the gas pedal which only occurs in this mode. An SUV of this size feels very agile in cornering like a sportcar. Understandably, thanks to the help of many new technologies such as the all wheel drive system, the Porsche Traction Management and the 48V Porsche Stability Management, the 3 chamber water suspension, the PASM damper system, the Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control and all wheel steering which makes the steering wheel heavier and chassis and the suspension becomes more stiff. You can also choose other driving modes such as Normal, Sport and Individual where all four modes give a different feeling of driving and control. The 8-speed PDK dual clutch automatic transmission shift is short and very fast moving to each gear. It feels the power of this car is channeled very well and responsive. Talking about comfort in the cabin really doesn’t need to be doubted. Driving position in the “cockpit” This Cayenne is also very good, it seems that Porsche engineers have successfully combined the comfort of a sedan with the toughness of an SUV. This is what makes the Cayenne feel more like a sportscar than previous generations of Cayenne. Porsche also introduced a new brake system namely tungsten-coated iron brake rotor aka steel braking rotor coated by tungsten. Porsche named the new findings with the Porsche Surface Coated Brake (PSCB), the system is believed to be able to make braking stronger, 30 percent more durable than conventional brakes and more minimize the residual dust brake. Then we started to enter the off-road track and were asked to use the off-road gravel drive mode with a suspension setup in the terrain that made the ground clearance of the car rise automatically.

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