First Drive: Porsche 718 Boxster 2017

Who is no stranger to the Porsche brand. Yes, the famous Supercar manufacturer from Stuttgart, Germany is a brand that is quite successful by creating a line of super cars. In addition to the performance produced, Porsche always launches models that have an exterior design that can be considered very distinctive. In the event entitled ‘Porsche Media Picnic Drive’, When looking at the outside, the design is very charming. The combination of the curvature of the lines throughout the body and the layered canvas roof of the sky can attract the attention of many people. No need to linger, we went straight into the cabin. When entering the interior space and leaning on the seat, you will feel comfortable thanks to the soft and wide steering seat and a very ergonomic driving position. When looking at the instrument screen, this car has a distinctive Porsche instrument design, but now it is combined with a sophisticated MID screen that can show various data, music that is playing, to the navigation system. When holding the steering wheel, it feels easy to hold. Because, this steering wheel has a diemater that is smaller than the old version. The entertainment feature is also arguably up to date. Because the entertainment system is able to spoil users with various functions, including, Apple Car Play, Mirroring, and Car Wi-Fi. Turning to the roof, open the roof can be said to be very fast. The Porsche party claims this mechanism only takes less than 20 seconds when opening fully or perfectly mentup. Impatient, we immediately spurred the Boxster 718 along the crowded streets of the capital city. It feels amazing, because, if you drive it in traffic jams, the driver will still feel comfortable because of the soft steering seat and the very ergonomic sitting position. In addition, there is no supercar like a beat when the car is in the driving condition of Stop and Go. The performance is amazing. ‘Snatch’ from a 2,500 cc turbo-powered 345 engine coupled with a Chrono PDK Sport automatic transmission capable of making your back sticky enough with the seat back. Even when pitted with the Porsche 911 Carrera too, the Boxster 718 is capable of racing simultaneously up to speeds of 150 km / h and finally leaving it. This is thanks to the Boxster’s weight which is much lighter than the 911 Carrera. In addition, Porsche claims that the 718 Boxster is capable of producing acceleration from 0-100 km / h in just 4.2 seconds. Besides that, when invited to maneuver, the Boxster is able to devour various bends properly. But unfortunately, we did not test the closed tracks, so we could not test this car to the fullest.

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