First Drive: Kia Grand Sedona 2017

Kia Grand Sedona. This name must be admitted still not resonated in the MPV United States. But what if the Kia Carnival? The car that had boomed in the era of the early 2000s must have known this phenomenal figure from South Korea. Kia Grand Sedona itself is the next generation of Kia Carnival. The DNA of the large MPV is still attached to the Grand Sedona, the MPV that can carry many passengers, even up to 11 passengers. In the event entitled ‘Kia Media Drive’ which was held in the Ancol area, Jakarta last week, we had the opportunity to try out the latest generation of Grand Sedona, which was first launched in 2016. What is the impression of a Hyundai H1 challenger driving like this? When looking at the exterior, we think the design is attractive. According to Kia’s principle of creating a world-class car, the Grand Sedona comes with lines and curves that make it so charming, even has the distinctive aura of a European car. When leaning the body in the driver’s seat, it feels like you are driving an MPV that is not too large thanks to a very ergonomic driving position. Not only that, the roof dimensions that are not too high can also make you forget that the Sedona Grand is MPV gambot. Looking at the instrument screen, you will be presented with a panel that adheres to Multi Information Display and is very informative. In addition, the audio settings buttons, MID controller, and Cruise Control are classified as easy to operate fingers while driving. When this car is run, there is one thing that amazes us. Yes, the handling of Grand Sedona is extraordinary. Even though it has a big body, the successor of Kia Carnival has a little ‘body roll’ symptom when devouring the corner. Besides that, the character of the suspension can be said to be quite mature. Not too hard, also not too soft, even when driving in damaged road conditions, this South Korean car is still relatively comfortable. Satisfied with maneuvering, now is the time to press the gas pedal as deep as possible. Immediately, the scream of the V6’s distinctive engine roared. The performance is impressive. Although we did not do the testing using a GPS-based counter, we felt the acceleration of 0 to 100 km / h from this 3,300 cc engine was taken in a relatively short time. Conclusion Even though it has a large enough dimension, you don’t find it difficult when driving a Kia Grand Sedona. The reason is that the ergonomic steering wheel, the character of the good suspension, and the most powerful engine in its class will make you feel like you are driving a medium-sized MPV. It is not wrong if Kia Grand Sedona is called an MPV that is ‘fun to drive’. Very suitable for you who have a family of more than 7 people.

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