First Drive: Honda NSX Hybrid 2017

Supercars always widen anyone’s eyes when he passes, either because of the model or the roar of the engine that has a distinctive sound. Including this one supercar, Honda NSX. Just look at the exterior design that looks like a futuristic, sporty and cool concept car! Honda NSX was never officially sold by APM Honda, PT Honda Prospect Motor. But around the beginning of 2000 ago, the first generation NSX was seen several times crossing the streets of Jakarta that were not as crowded as now. As soon as the car is in front of OtoDriver, the rear hood is opened immediately out of curiosity about the engine. Even though it only looks like the engine that “peeps” from behind the carbon frame, this engine with hybrid technology called the SH-AWD Sport Hybrid (Super Handling All-Wheel Drive) has made us even more curious. This 3.500 turbo V6 engine is capable of spraying up to 507 hp. Then still added Direct Drive Motor which is connected directly to the 9DCT double clutch transmission and the Twin Motor Unit, forming a hybrid system with a total power of up to 581 hp. Make this supercar capable of racing from 0 to 100 km / h in just 2.9 seconds! Wow! As written above, the sporty exterior design is not much different from the concept version. Honda NSX used to be interpreted as ‘New Sportscar eXperimental’. But for the second generation the meaning is different; New Sports eXperience. Besides the powerful hybrid technology, the exterior design also implies power and speed. The only difference is the NSX gen 2 is 80 mm longer, 25 mm wider and 15 mm taller. In fact, the wheelbase also has a difference of 20 mm. Once sitting in the cabin, don’t bother looking for the transmission lever. Because the transmission operation uses only buttons, starting from P R N D all just touch the button. Like a supercar, semi bucket seats are ready to hold your body in the cabin when maneuvering. Steering wheel with paddle shift and steer switch control also does not feel slippery when held. Well, to find out the hybrid system is working, the instrument cluster can be seen when the electric motor is working to charge the battery. Relying on a not too large area and a cone block surface, we try to adapt to this NSX. Once the gas pedal is stepped on, the initial power of this hybrid engine turns out to be able to ‘pull’ our head into the seat, what if on a smooth asphalt road huh? In addition, the steering wheel feels precise when maneuvering even though our speed is not too high. What is certain is the typical ‘hard’ suspension of a supercar, you certainly don’t expect the comfort of a supercar, right?

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