FIRST DRIVE: Chevrolet Colorado LT 2017

Speaking in an exterior appearance, indeed, between the SUV, the Trailblazer and Colorado still have similarities. But the difference is since the cabin of the second row to the rear, this is because Colorado is carrying the platform of a true pickup. General Motor Indonesia presents two variants that can be tested namely Colorado LT and Colorado High Country. Indeed, in terms of the actual appearance of the LT type it looks much simpler without a variety of accessories. Unlike the High Country type which comes with a variety of accessories such as eight-point parking sensors, headlights equipped with LED DRL, 18-inch rim size, foot step, cargo cover for rear body, skid front bumper plate and rear bumper. Do not want to linger, we immediately took the opportunity to try type LT because this APM was focused on selling this dashing car as a fleet of mining fleets, then the LT tile that was put forward. Entering the cabin, this car feels quite simple but has a good level of functionality. With the interior wrapped in fabric colored combination of light gray and dark, the seat should be easier to clean. Seat arrangement can be arranged easily so that the sitting position can be as desired by the driver. The sitting position feels like a sedan but with a high Colorado ‘posture’ makes the driver able to control the front and side easily. But for the rear end of the tub is rather difficult to monitor given the dimensions of this car is quite long. How is the engine performance? Colorado in Indonesia comes with two engine choices namely 2,800 cc common rail diesel engine with Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) so as to produce 200 ps of power with 500 Nm of torque. For the LT type we test this carrying a 2,500 cc four-cylinder Duramax diesel Fixed Geometry Turbo-Diesel powered by 163 ps with 380 Nm of torque. In this test drive media session, OtoDriver did not test acceleration and impressions when used on the highway. But Chevrolet offers off-road tracks to be able to find out the ability of Colorado in wet and slippery mud. Then we will activate the four-wheel drive mode with a low gear ratio. To activate the feature is also very easy, only from a switch that is behind the transmission lever. Operation can be very easy because the system adopted is shift-on-the-fly so moving from 2H to 4H mode can be done up to speeds of 120 km / hr. But to activate low gear, the car must be totally stopped and the transmission is in a neutral position. Then the driver can turn the switch to 4L position and wait for about 15 seconds until the indicator light on the instrument cluster lights up. The great power produced by this Colorado diesel engine makes it easy to bulldoze all off-road terrain.

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