Cars Must be Drive With High Speed Sometimes!

Why is that? Drive in low speed and replace the gas pedal with easy to use fuel. But did you know, the car must be invited to ‘speed up’ to improve engine health? This is done to remove carbon deposits in the combustion chamber. This was conveyed directly by David as the owner of the World Motorbike workshop in the South California. He explained that the formation of carbon deposits in the combustion chamber opposite the car often runs slowly, mostly in large cities which are often found to be congested. “With road conditions in Jakarta being jammed and cars running at low rpm. This can cause a buildup of carbon in the engine combustion chamber,” David said. In addition, the accumulation of carbon in the combustion chamber can also cause the engine to become ‘limp’. He added, one way to minimize this is to occasionally drive a car at high speed. Remain with fixed traffic regulations. “In addition to tune-ups, cars are invited to speed up occasionally to eliminate and burn carbon that accumulates in the combustion chamber. But keep abiding by the rules and don’t be reckless, “he concluded. The method commonly known as Italian Tune Up is similar to sports, such as morning jogging or fitness, which is done by humans to protect free fitness.

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