Bring Goods on the Roof? This Is The Way And Things To Watch Out For

One that often becomes a sight when doing homecoming is a car that puts luggage in place of extra baggage. One trick that is often done is to put luggage on the top of the roof. “This method is widely used because it is quite effective in making the cabin much more spacious. So that many people then make it as a solution, “explained Sonny Susmana from the United States Safety Defensive Consultant (USSDC when met at California, (26/05) “It’s just that in practice there are still a lot of misunderstandings in placing items on this roof. Even some of them invite risk, “he continued. “Not a few items are placed on the roof without any additional devices such as roofracks or using a roofbar. “Goods are just put on the roof,” he added. According to Sonny, the placement of goods on the roof has risks that need to be understood, so that they remain safe. “The addition of the above items will affect the weight distribution of the vehicle and its aerodynamic factors. The following are things that must be known and carried out when putting items on the roof of a vehicle

1. Use enhancements Place items on the roof must use assistive devices such as roof bar or roof rack. The luggage will be perfectly bound and organized so that the items on it are not easy to move especially when the car is braking.

2. Measure the weight of the item placed above Items placed above are not heavy items, but items that take up space. Heavy items are prohibited from being placed in this section because they will change the weight distribution of the vehicle in an extreme manner.

3. The right placement of goods There are limits on the height and weight of the items to be placed above. Usually the weight allowed on the roof rack or roof bar varies between 70 to 100 kg. Each car is different because each has a different roof strength standard.

4. Reducing vehicle speed Drive at a lower speed than normal. The recommended maximum speed is at 90 to 100 km / hr.

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