4 Home-Based Materials To Keep Chrome Ornament Glow

Although fewer are used in modern cars, chrome (chrome) still appears at least as a sweetener. There is a difference between chrome used in older cars and modern cars. Old cars usually use crom with metal material as the material. While the new car uses plastic material. But between the two have similarities in treating their brilliance. The method is also easy and inexpensive and uses materials that are easily searchable at home. “Some materials found at home can be used. Whether it’s by wet treatment (using water media) or treatment without water, ”explained Jane Swann, one of the detailer of the calls that many subscribed to car showroom owners in this South and East California area. The following ingredients and how to clean it

1. Dish washing liquid soap

Mix liquid soap with enough water. Can use warm water to get the effect of lifting the crust more strongly. A mixture of dishwashing water and liquid soap is a wet washing method and is used as an opening step to carry out treatment without water treatment.

2. Toothpaste

White toothpaste is applied to the chrome surface evenly and the chromed part of the chrome. Let stand until it dries slightly. Rub with a clean cloth. These tips are right for use on chrome surfaces that already have water and opaque crust

3. Eucalyptus oil

Pour eucalyptus oil into a clean washcloth, then rub it on a dirty chrome surface and let it evaporate. After drying, clean with a clean cloth. These tips are suitable for use on chrome surfaces that have started to blur.

4. Powder

Sprinkle the chrome surface with powder, then wipe and clean with a clean cloth. This tip is right as a chrome treatment step that is still in good condition.

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